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    welcome to visit Hangzhou QiFei Chemical Co.,Ltd!
    Service Tel:+86-180-5880-1870
    Hangzhou Qifei Chemical Co., Ltd.is a business company specialized in operation of fine chemicals in coal carbonization field. Our company is located in Hangzhou of Zhejiang province. Our company has established long-term cooperation with many manufacture factories to provide products like carbazole, crude naphthalene, industrial fluorine, dibenzofuran, industrial acenaphthene, refined anthracene, anthraquinone, benzazole, mixing methylnaphthalene, quinoline, isoquinoline, biphenyl, 2-Indanone, indene, 1-Methylnaphthalene, 2-Methylnaphthalene and other products at reasonable price. Our company has strong technical force.
    Hangzhou Qifei Chemical Co., Ltd. insists on principle of “good faith and truth seeking”. We would like to build long-term and stable cooperation with all customers and to realize “mutual-win” with them. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction by providing of top grade product and service.
    Contact us
    Service hotline:+86-180-5880-1870
    Contact: Xu Feixue Mobile: +86-180-5880-1870
    Tel/Fax: +86-571-28950939 QQ: 3027282188 E-mial: hzqifeihuagong@163.com
    Add: #10, Shenban Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (Room 3024 of Zhejiang Chemical Market)
    Copyright(C)2019,Hangzhou Qifei Chemical Co., Ltd.?All Rights Reserved.?Supported by?ChemNet?ChinaChemNet?Toocle
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